Tuition fees

Please note that these are projected costs for tuition and fees, and are subject to change. 

Expected academic fees (17 months) for 2021-22:

Expected academic fees at Upeace: US$8,408 (including transportation fee, visa cost Costa Rica)

Expected academic fees at IHE Delft: EURO 9,303 (including insurance and visa cost Netherlands)

Expected academic fees at OSU: US$23,148 for tuition and fees, US$4,500 for books, insurance and educational supplies (tbc) 


Cost of Living

Cost of living and travel to study at each institution are not included in the overview above.  An estimation of these cost is given below, but would, of course, vary depending on student choices of housing and costs of travel from various regions of the world to the partner universities.

Cost of living (17 months): 

Expected cost of living and other expenses at Upeace: US$ 3,600

Expected cost of living and other expenses at IHE Delft: EURO 7,000

Expected cost of living and other expenses at OSU: US$10,000 for room and board

Travel cost from home country to Costa Rica, between partner countries and back to home country at the end of study are not included and will vary.

Water Cooperation and Diplomacy

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