Structure of the programme

All participants will attend the common and core taught elements of the programme in all three institutions, focusing on different areas at each. The curriculum consists of mandatory and elective modules. Throughout the programme, students will develop their master thesis with guidance by all three institutions.



  • UPEACE: conflict foundation including courses on the UN system, the environment, conflicts and sustainability, and water security and peace.

  • IHE Delft: focus on water and conflict management including courses on water governance, water resources management, water and environmental law, and water conflict analysis.

  • OSU: focus on conflict management integration including courses on applied hydrology, applied field problems, conducting collaborative projects and directed research.



Conflict foundation

IHE Delft

Water foundation and water conflict management specialization

Curriculum Overview

Download PDF of the curriculum overview. The overview  may be subject to changes.



Water Cooperation and Diplomacy

A joint MSc Programme, organized by: