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After working on transboundary water management in the Middle East, I knew I wanted to further my studies and increase my knowledge in this area. I was delighted when I found the master's program in water cooperation and diplomacy, and knew almost immediately it would be perfect for me.
Being from the US but having interests in international water issues, the international and american university aspect of the program had a big draw for me. My experience was heightened both inside and outside of the classroom, as I learned an incredible amount from my classmates and colleagues as well as the professors, all experts in the field from all three universities. I am very grateful for this program and am excited to utilize my newly honed skills and knowledge in my career.

Jaclyn Best, USA
Year of graduation: 2020

UPEACE, Costa Rica

The Campus Rodrigo Carazo, University for Peace (UPEACE) is located 30Km Southwest of San José, within a natural reserve composed of a secondary forest and the last remnant of primary forest (200 ha) in the Central Valley of Costa Rica.

The park and the campus are within the protected zone of El Rodeo, which is part of the Mora County (Municipality). UPEACE covers about the 2% of the Mora landscape; hence this protected area is rich in fauna. It shelters mammals such as monkeys and deer, reptiles, and over 300 species of birds, as well as approximately 100 varieties of trees.


The University´s installation and protected area make up 303 hectares. This place offers recreational areas, including huts equipped with outdoor grills, five beautiful artificial lakes, the "Monument to Disarmament, Lab our and Peace", trails, a soccer field, a playground for children, restrooms and the natural beauty offered by the biodiversity that characterizes this area.

IHE Delft

Studying at IHE Delft is a life-changing experience. You will be exposed to an intercultural environment characterized by plurality and diversity of ideas, experiences and disciplines resulting in intellectual, professional and personal growth.

Delft is known for its historic town centre with canals, Delft Blue pottery, painter Johannes Vermeer and scientist Antony van Leeuwenhoek and its association with the royal House of Orange-Nassau.


Since Delft is a university city, there are plenty of cultural events to be enjoyed throughout the year, as well as museums and theatres. There is also an abundance of cafés and restaurants, catering to every taste and making time spent away from your studies an experience in itself.

Oregon State University, USA


Oregon State is an international public research university located in Corvallis, one of the safest, smartest, greenest small cities in the USA.


Oregon State University offers a friendly, welcoming community where students can get involved in their favorite activities — and try new ones. Oregon State also hosts a variety of events — many that are open to the community — such as lectures, concerts, festivals and other cultural programs.

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