DUPC2 scholarships

The IHE Delft Water and Development Partnership Programme (DUPC), funded by the DGIS, the development cooperation agency of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is offering up to three scholarships for the Water Cooperation and Diplomacy master’s programme

2022-23. Two of the scholarships are available for current and future water professionals from Sudan, the third one for eligible candidates from other countries. Scholars are expected to contribute with their master thesis research to ongoing project activities of IHE Delft. The scholarship is offered for the 17-month duration of the master’s programme. The scholarship will cover the educational fees for the duration of the programme; living expenses in all three countries, insurance and flights.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Two scholarships are available for candidates from Sudan, one scholarship for a candidate from another country. Successful candidates will be selected through a competitive process. More information on the admission criteria and applications and selection procedure is available on the website here.

Candidates have to submit their application to UPEACE in order to be academically admitted to the programme. The application includes a motivation letter, and candidates should indicate that they wish to apply for a DUPC2 scholarship. An interview will be scheduled with short-listed candidates.

Application Procedure & Contact Information

Questions about the application procedure can be sent to .

Questions about the scholarship should be addressed to Jenniver Sehring (

Deadline for application is 31 May.

Other scholarships


For more information about other scholarships, we refer you to the websites of the partners. There, you can identify if, and which, scholarships are suitable for you, Check the following websites:

You may also by the fees by private or other means. For more information on the cost, see paragraph about tuition and fees.

Students are recommended to seek out external scholarships that are not listed on the intuitions’ websites. Former WCD students have successfully sought scholarships with their local Rotary organizations and opportunities specific to their field of research and home countries.”