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Programme logistics
  • Application: Student applications for the Water Cooperation and Diplomacy Joint Master’s Programme, are made through the the University for Peace (UPEACE) website. The application is then reviewed by all three institutions. More information on application process is provided in this document on the UPEACE website. Students who are accepted through UPEACE admissions are generally accepted to all three institutions, but will need to resubmit application information to all three institutions prior to transitioning between countries. More information will be provided to students on the application process.

  • UPEACE: The Admissions Office is responsible for providing information which is necessary for obtaining a visa, planning travel, and arranging accommodation in Costa Rica. Please note that citizens of some countries are not required to obtain a student visa to Costa Rica and requirements for each country should be checked and confirmed with the Admissions Office. Obtaining a Costa Rican visa can take a long time and students should plan to start their visa application and procurement of necessary documents early.  The Admissions Office will provide the necessary information and guidance at all the stages. UPEACE offices will also provide information about housing, credentials, classes, and orientation in due course. Students of the joint mater’s program will take courses with all students of UPEACE and the Environmental, Development, and Peace cohort.

  • IHE Delft Institute for Water Education: The Admissions Office of the Institute issues necessary documents for ensuring a smooth transition process from UPEACE to IHE Delft. While studying at UPEACE, students will be contacted by the Admission Officer of IHE Delft to start the necessary procedures. Upon arrival, the Admissions Office will guide students throughout the process of registration. In due course, students will also be contacted regarding students accommodation in Delft, their credentials, and other studies-related questions. The institute’s focal point for the WCD Program will be available to answer all study-related questions. 

  • Oregon State University: Similar to IHE Delft, the University will start the visa application procedure while students are still in the Netherlands. The Graduate Admissions Office will support students in acquiring the documents required for visa and university admission. The focal point of the University can be contacted for all the courses-related questions and requests. Students will be informed about their credentials closer to the date of their admission at OSU. Focal points of OSU will also reach out to students to support the search for off campus housing. Students will be part of the Water Resources Graduate Program at OSU and will have the opportunity to take WCD-specific classes and classes with a range of interdisciplinary students at the university. Students will also engage in multi-day field courses as part of the OSU curriculum. More detail on preparation for this field work will be provided by the focal points.

​Additional logistics are addressed within the FAQ section of the website. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the focal points at each institute”. 

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