Joint master's programme delivered by UPEACE in Costa Rica, IHE Delft in the Netherlands, and OSU in the USA
Starts in August 2020 in Costa Rica,
Winter and Spring in the Netherlands, ends in  December in USA - Total duration: 17 months
Apply through the Admissions website for the University for Peace, deadline for applications:
15 March 2020 (deadlines for scholarships may be earlier!)

Welcome to the Water Cooperation & Diplomacy Joint Master's Degree Programme

This is the water education of the future, which sets you in stressful yet diverse conditions to get the best out of every institution in the programme, every minute of your experience, and every expert that you meet. It changed my perception of how much we should invest in understanding water

Nataliya Chemayeva, Turkmenistan

Year of graduation: 2019

Water Cooperation and Diplomacy

A joint MSc Programme, organized by: